Vacation Bible School 2019 – Roar!

Vacation Bible School 2019 – Roar!

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Vacation Bible School 2019
“Life is Wild=God is Good”

What a great week we had last week at vacation bible school!

They began each day right here in the sanctuary singing and dancing
which was led by some of our amazing teenagers.

They then got to experience wild bible adventures each morning told
by Pastor Daniel. They learned about how God saw the suffering in Egypt
so he told Moses to stand up to Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt. He told Moses
to tell Pharaoh to let God’s people go. While Moses went to Pharaoh the
Israelites still suffered, this seemed so “unfair”. The story continued to get
“scary”, Moses went before Pharaoh 10 times each time asking Pharaoh to
let God’s people go. God sent ten plaques! When the Israelites were finally
rescued they were wandering in the desert, they weren’t lost God had led
them to the Promised Land. They needed to cross the Jordan River to get
to the Promised Land as they were crossing the river God told them to pick
up a stone from the river. After they had crossed to the Promised Land God

told them to build a memorial with the stones. On the alter we also built a
small memorial to remember all the good things we learned about our great
God this week at vacation bible school, we learned that when life is unfair
God is good, when life is scary God is good, and when life is good God is

That was just the beginning of each day, they then went with their
crews and had crew time to talk about the bible stories they had just
learned about. After that they played outdoor games led by Michelle

Baldwin over at Hancock field. They love the games that Michelle creates!
The kids had a craft each day led by MerriLynn Bouckaert and Ashley
Heyboer! The crafts were beautiful and meaningful each day. The kids also
got to go on the water slide each day chaperoned by Jeff Noorman. This is
always a very popular part of the day! Lunch was served each day and also
a very important part of each day! Thank you to Joan & Jay Hook, Marleas
Bandy, Christy Bardenhagen, Nancy O’Neill, Connie Nelson & Nora Bumb
for having our lunches ready and cleaning up!

We ended our day the same way we begin with music and dancing
each day in the sanctuary. All week the kids were asked to watch for God
Sightings and as you can see on the wall there were many! Also the
Grateful and Thankful charts were done with MerriLynn as she talked to the
kids everyday about being thankful and grateful! Thank you to Pastor
Daniel for running our tech/music each day and also for telling our bible

Many thanks to our amazing crew leaders, Therese Lichty, Katherine
Palms, Jane Keen, Sue Trumbull, Grace Noorman & Tatum Kareck. Thank
you to Jen Kareck for running registration each morning. None of this would
be possible without this amazing team of people and I am forever grateful
for each of you for all that you do to help make VBS possible. It is more
important than we will ever know. I do have a few stories to share from this
week. The kids made gratitude jars on the last day, one of the children was
putting what he was grateful for on the last day of VBS and he wrote VBS,
there is a slide that shows that on the slide show! One of the children was
writing in her journal on Tuesday evening and she wrote this:

“God is my strength, God is my Rock, and he is in my hart.”!!!!
My words this morning really cannot express to you how important
VBS is for our children in this community, I am thankful and grateful for this
team of people who help each year make this happen. It is a rewarding and
Christ filled week and my heart is overflowing with joy knowing that we are
leading these young children to Christ.