About the Leland Community United Methodist Church

The Leland Community United Methodist Church (LCUMC) has served the greater Leelanau Peninsula community with continuous worship services since 1898. Our beautiful, historic sanctuary and facilities have been regularly updated and expanded to accommodate our growth. We host a separately managed early childhood development center that began as a mission of this church.

In addition to a long history of mission outreach, community service and outstanding music ministry, we value the opportunity to share fellowship with visitors and newcomers. We have a focus on nurturing and caring, offering support for our community members in need and for each other.

Our Vision | The Leland Community United Methodist Church is a beacon of Christ’s unconditional love; providing refuge, ministry and service to each other, our community and the world. 

Our Mission | Leland Community Church is a community of people who love God, grow in faith, share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve the community and world in God’s love.